DelmarvaNow charity vote-a-thon

The end of the calendar year is a time for charity organizations to make their final pitches for donations. The reasoning goes that a little last-minute tax-deductible giving could make your income tax statement a little more palatable come the following April 15.
Five nonprofits will get the chance to communicate directly with the community through stories that will appear during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. The format will be a question-and-answer with a top-ranking staff member.
The stories will address what each organization does, whom it serves and, most importantly, why it needs your largesse.
And you get to pick which ones we write.
Below, you will find a list of some of the charities that serve Sussex County, the Lower Shore of Maryland or the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Select your 5 favorites.
Don't see your favorite? We included a space where you can write in the charity of your choice.
Did we miss anyone? Let us know who we should include next year by emailing reporter Jeremy Cox at
We look forward to sharing the stories of the remarkable charitable work being done across our peninsula. Your vote will make it happen.